TSI Software

TS Interactive is our fully comprehensive software package that can drive your kiosk to do whatever you require.

Our unique pre-loaded service has a user friendly design and can be operated remotely by you or TSE. All content can be tailored to fulfil your exact needs and you or TSE can add, remove or change content at any point in real time.

Users can interact and view content 24/7 making kiosks one of the most powerful forms of digital communication.

Our interactive information touchscreen kiosks are designed for the health, leisure, travel and care sectors and provide you with an opportunity to connect with the people who matter to you.

The concept of the kiosk is simple, interactive and user friendly – visitors touch the screen to access information about you and your services.

The touchpad has 12 icons which you can brand to your company. Categories can include About Us, News & Events, Special Offers and Local Information.

In addition, the kiosks have a 32in video screen which can be used to play full colour HD videos and stills which gives you an ideal platform to convey important messages and offers to the users. You can run as many ads as you wish and the content can be changed remotely by you or TSE.

As part of the interactive experience, users can link directly to websites and we also provide a text service where users can download contact information and offers straight onto their mobile phones simply by entering their mobile number onto the screen.

Thanks to our unique software solution we are able to offer a select number of local related businesses the opportunity to have a presence on the touch and video screen. We aim to get a good balance of local providers onboard to give users choice but not be overwhelmed by information.