LED Software

Touchscreen displays put it all together                                        

Three components you need for reliability

  1. TSE LED screen – all types of content can be displayed or played on the graphic LED screen. Equiped with a DVI input the screen acts as a PC monitor
  2. TSE dvi software that drives the screen
  3. TSE control system that powers the screen

You have made a big investment on your LED screen now you need to have control over it.

Our software developers have designed a user friendly solution to drive your screen so you can upload, change and content manage your advertising campaigns in real time.

TSE dvi software :- windows based software installed on a PC computer/laptop. The program formats the content prior to uploading the playlist onto the media player (controll system).

TSE media control system:- Powers and provide the screen with content via a wired Lan ,wireless or fixed TCP/IP connection.

Imput video signal – DVi (digital video interface) RGB,VGA, composite video.