Showroom Video Walls

These high-definition, slim bezel LED screens can run both video and stills content and are designed to make a big visual impact in your showroom. The 46 inch panels can be mounted on any internal wall and we can design a bespoke screen size to suit your showroom.

Unlike traditional print posters you can run as many different ads as you wish and you can change the content remotely via PC whenever you want, making them a much more dynamic and cost-effective marketing tool to engage with your customers.

They can be used to promote your latest new model launches, sales offers and aftersales promotions – all at the same time.

The full-colour, high-brightness screens are much more attention grabbing than static adverts and customers are able to see all of your models in full motion.  Gone are the expensive printing costs. Digital signage means you can be up to date and relevant and in full control of your marketing content.