Fixed LED Billboards

Fixed LED Video Screens

We supply a wide range of permanent LED screens to give you a platform to advertise your products and services to customers 24-7.

The graphic full colour displays boast the most impressive results in the field of electronic information. Text, graphic images, animation and video can be alternated or combined. Our high-impact billboards are impossible to miss, enabling you to communicate directly with thousands of potential new customers every day.

Our software is windows based and programming is user friendly and easy to use. Everything can be simulated before hand on the monitor of your PC. The display is operated by a built-in player PC which is controlled via the TCP/IP network, 3G or  broadband connection. Uploading your campaigns to the screen is simple and you can run as many different ads as you wish changing them whenever you want. The results are amazing.

Our fixed screen units can be supplied on a leasing package and the cost can be spread over two, three or five years you can also purchase outright.

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Top quality design 

The TSE range are designed and manufactured in the UK. Intended for indoor and outdoor use, the top quality digital displays are equipped with software that makes them simple for even first time users to operate. Because we supply both the hardware and the software, everything works just how it is supposed to. Whether you are connecting remotely via internet or updating your playlist, everything is surprisingly simple.


A TSE Display is designed for a long, productive life. Our engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each TSE range is precisely built – inside and out. From down-to-the-micron fit of each electronic component to the finish of the LED tiles, every detail matters. The result is a digital display module that is thin and light, looks polished and refined, and feels strong and durable.

Outstanding performance

Our LED screens are designed to deliver dynamic digital advertising campaigns that will get you noticed. They can be seen clearly from short or long viewing distances and in both bright sunshine and darkness. Each TSE LED Screens has a thick bed of silicone gel and a polycarbonate frontal protection system, providing the highest resistance to extreme weather conditions and can be fitted into a bespoke aluminium frame. Oh, and it also increase the contrast ratio and perceived colour brightness. Every TSE screen contains LEDs, electronics components and power supplies specifically chosen to give you the best performance possible. And materials like stainless-steel or rugged polycarbonate keep all those high-performance components safe and sound.