Mobile LED Billboards

Mobile LED Billboards

Our top quality LED screens are a dynamic platform for car dealerships to advertise all of their latest offers and new models, 2017 plates, finance packages, servicing and tyres.

The full-colour screens can be placed in the site with the highest footfall, where they can be seen by thousands of people each day. They can include graphics and videos and – unlike traditional posters or banners – the content can be changed remotely by us as many times as you wish.

The screens measure 2 metres x 1.5 metres and rise in the air via a totem up to a height of 4 metres and only take a space of a small car. The images are crystal clear and very eye-catching, thus presenting you with a great medium to get key messages across to potential customers.



We currently have a range of LED screens available to hire on a monthly term basis. Prices are determined by the length of hire which can be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

A normal dealership campaign runs for 4 to 8 weeks and you can have as many commercials running at any one time. An average campaign has around 8 commercials changing every 5 seconds. We can also change your slides remotely throughout the rental period to promote VIP events, new model launches or sales.

All we need off you is: 240v power supply

Artwork to be supplied in : JPEG – W 512 Pixels x H 385 Pixels – 200 DPI

Click here to download our screen rentals presentation >

Here are some examples of the adverts we run on the LED Digital Billboards: